Quotes of Note #6 — Humility, Self-Examination, and the Grace of God

Photo by GAC

“It is only our exaggerated sense of self-righteousness that prevents us from looking honestly at ourselves.  As Christians we know that the Holy Spirit dwells within us, but we must also become aware of where we are tolerating sin if we will be successful in our war against the devil.  Therefore, be specific when you submit yourself to God.  Do not rationalize your sins and failures.  The sacrifice of Jesus Christ is a perfect shelter of grace enabling all men to look honestly at their needs.  Accordingly, be honest with God.  He will not be horrified or shocked by your sins.  God loved you without restraint even when sin was rampant within you; how much more will he continue to love you as you seek his grace to be free from iniquity?”

Francis Frangipane, The Three Battlegrounds:
An In-depth View of the Three Arenas of Spiritual Warfare:
the Mind, the Church, and the Heavenly Places.
Cedar Rapids, IA; Arrow Publications, 1989/2006,
page 22.


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