Topical Track # 1 — Stories from the Front

This Topical Track is a path that will lead you through some of the encounters in ministry that I’ve had over the years. I’ve changed names to protect people’s privacy. But pastoring puts you in the path of some remarkable people and circumstances. I’ve attempted to share some of those stories here in my blog over the years. There will no doubt be more to come.

Pastor Notes #12 — The Ministry of Meaning

Pastor Note #35 — Ministry in the Tangle of a Complicated, Broken World

Pastor Notes #11: A Desperate Act by One of the Least of These

Pastor Notes #8 (9/11/2001) — Presence as Ministry

Pastor Note #33 — Kindness and the Gospel in a Broken World

Pastor Note #37 — A Boy on the Streets, Part 1

Pastor Note #42–A Boy on the Streets, Part 2

Pastor Note #40–Working the Streets; The Ministry of Risk-taking

Pastor Note #22 –Life, Death, Meaning, and Love


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