Quote of Note #61 — Generosity and Compassion

"There are people who are known to be very liberal [generous], yet they never give without scolding or pride or even insolence.  We are sunk to such a depth of calamity in this awful age that scarcely any alms are given, at least by the majority of men, without haughtiness and contempt.  The corruption of … Continue reading Quote of Note #61 — Generosity and Compassion


Quote of Note #60 — The Foolishness of God

"He [the Spirit of God] will certainly help us to 'communicate' the truth of God to other people, but he becomes our enemy the moment we attempt to modify the wisdom of God to fit the 'cleverness' of the twentieth century.  The stern words of Paul have a peculiar aptness to the modern situation when … Continue reading Quote of Note #60 — The Foolishness of God

Quote of Note #59 — Supernatural Faith

"One outcome of this growth [of the charismatic and Pentecostal churches of the Global South] is likely to be a challenge from the avowedly supernaturalistic worldview of Christians in the Global South -- a worldview in which biblical signs and wonders are considered normal Chrisitianity -- to the worldviews and ontologies of the North American … Continue reading Quote of Note #59 — Supernatural Faith

Quote of Note #58–Vibrancy of Spiritual Life in the Church

"Look at the New Testament Christian, look at the New Testament church, and you see it vibrant with a spiritual life, and, of course, it is always life that tends to lead to excesses.  There is no problem of discipline in a graveyard; there is no problem very much in a formal church." Martyn Lloyd-Jones, … Continue reading Quote of Note #58–Vibrancy of Spiritual Life in the Church

Quote of Note #57–Need and Blessing

"Being baptized with the Holy Spirit begins with recognizing our need and earnestly desiring whatever our heavenly Father is pleased to give." Brad Long, Paul Stokes, and Cindy Strickler.  Growing the Church in the Power of the Holy Spirit: Seven Principles of Dynamic Cooperation.  Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2009, page 67.

Quote of Note #56–Receiving the Power

"John tells us at the beginning of his Gospel that the thing that is going to differentiate the new era from the old, even including John the Baptist, is this baptism with the Spirit.  Here is the first principle.  It is possible to be believers in the Lord Jesus Christ without having received the baptism … Continue reading Quote of Note #56–Receiving the Power

Pastor Note #83 — God’s Toolbox

I love hand tools – old hand tools.  My workbench and toolboxes are stocked with a wide variety of old hammers of all sorts, wood plains of several different types, chisels, and draw knives, and hand saws.  I have a few very interesting old pipe wrenches, which I honestly hope I never have to use, … Continue reading Pastor Note #83 — God’s Toolbox