Quote of Note #129: Justice and Love for my Neighbors

Photo by GAC "Love for neighbor requires critiquing and dismantling unjust systems of racial oppression. It is one matter to acknowledge that all people are made equal and have inherent dignity in their very being. It is another matter to identify the ways the image of God is defaced in groups of people through systems … Continue reading Quote of Note #129: Justice and Love for my Neighbors


Quote of Note #128: Charity or Compassion

photo by GAC "A so-called free society has never been remarkable for its feeling towards its casualties. It is invariably richer in charity than in compassion, probably because charity is tax-deductible whereas compassion is merely time-consuming." Peter Ustinov, Krumnagel. New York: Little, Brown, & Co. 1971, page 152.

Prayer Note #62: Holy Kindness/Kind Holiness

Sawtooth Mountains, Idaho; photo by GAC Father, it is so hard for me to hold your terrifying holiness and your gentle kindness together in my conception of you. My mind wavers and falls out of balance as I try to keep those true aspects of your character in healthy tension. Then you either become a … Continue reading Prayer Note #62: Holy Kindness/Kind Holiness