Sermon #2 — Exodus 16:1-35

This is now the second sermon in a series on the manna and quail of the wilderness journey.  In this sermon, I explore how the values and priorities of ancient paganism aren't all that far away from the modern, westerner's wrestling with faith. Here's a link to the text of Exodus 16:1-35. Here's the link … Continue reading Sermon #2 — Exodus 16:1-35


Sermon #1 — Exodus 16:1-35

This sermon is the first in a series exploring this passage.  This sermon focuses especially on what this passage reveals of the character of God and his orientation toward his people. Click here to read Exodus 16:1-35. Click here to listen to this sermon, preached at North Presbyterian Church in Elmira, NY on Sunday, August … Continue reading Sermon #1 — Exodus 16:1-35