Prayer Note #24 — Haggling With God–Genesis 18:16-33

In its simplest sense, prayer is conversing with God.  The Bible contains lots and lots of conversations between God and human beings.  Each one has its own character and tone.  Some are quiet and gentle.  Some are angry.  Some are frightened and frightening.  Some are simply fascinating and surprising.  This conversation between God and Abraham … Continue reading Prayer Note #24 — Haggling With God–Genesis 18:16-33


Pastor Note #26 — After His Dad Died

{The following post is the text of a letter I wrote to a man in his early fifties shortly after his father died.} Dear F., There is an ache and strangeness that comes when our parents die.   I don't think it really matters a lot how old we or they are when that happens. I … Continue reading Pastor Note #26 — After His Dad Died

Prayer Note #23 — A Bible Study on Prayer, Psalm 84:1-12

The Bible has a lot to say about prayer.  Some of the places where we find wisdom and instruction on prayer don't actually use the word much or even at all.  In Psalm 84, the word, "prayer," appears once, yet the entire psalm is about communing with God.  And communing with God is certainly the … Continue reading Prayer Note #23 — A Bible Study on Prayer, Psalm 84:1-12

Pastor Note #25 — Words of “Wisdom” from One of the Old Guys

Today, I received an e-mail from my seminary alma mater, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.  It was sent out to all of their alumni, inviting them to share some "words of wisdom" for those who will be graduating in about a month.  Since that sounded like a lot more fun than what I was supposed to be … Continue reading Pastor Note #25 — Words of “Wisdom” from One of the Old Guys

Backyard Note #5 — Feeding the Stock

[From a journal entry dated July 2003] I've been busy hunting for food for our various wildlife guests.  We have been collecting specimens from the Chemung River.  It all started with the set of twenty or so toad tadpoles that we found in a small pool along the bank of the river.  It was water … Continue reading Backyard Note #5 — Feeding the Stock

Bible Note #7 — Esteeming Christ

  Isaiah 49:1-6 Lord, there are some things about this passage of your scriptures that I don’t think I understand.  I know that you want me to understand your word.  But sometimes that isn’t easy.  Here in these verses someone is speaking about his mission – a mission he has received from you, but who … Continue reading Bible Note #7 — Esteeming Christ