My blog is made up of seven different categories of posts.  These seven categories are like sections in my blog.  Each has a different type of post in it.  Here is a description of each section with links that will take you to that particular section of the blog.

DSC00257ePastor Notes

This section of my blog is the most difficult to define.  It is populated with a variety of pieces that explore the Christian life and engagement with the wider culture from the perspective of a working pastor.  In some of the posts, I simply tell stories from the pastor’s life.  In some, I reflect on the state of our troubled culture.  In some, I write about growing in faithful discipleship of following Jesus.  This section of posts is  where my blog started in 2009.  Over the following years, other categories began to appear, but it is in “Pastor Notes” that you will find the oldest and more diverse collection of my posts.  Click here to go to “Pastor Notes.”

100_7490Prayer Notes

In this section of my blog, you will find an assortment of prayers.  Many are person, more or less transcribed from my person prayer journal.  Some are more liturgical, having been written for use in the context of a worship service of one sort or another.  Click here to go to “Prayer Notes.”

DSC00267eBible Notes

“Bible Notes” are pretty much exactly what the name suggests.  Here you’ll find notes and thoughts on the meaning and application of particular Bible passages.  Click here to go to “Bible Notes.”

100_4632Sermons (Audio)

This section of my blog is also pretty much exactly what the name says.  In this category, you will find links to audio recordings of sermons I’ve preached over the years.  Each sermon is accompanied by a brief description of the sermon along with links that will open the text of the Bible passages that I’m preaching from.  Click here to go to “Sermons (Audio).”

DSC02452Quotes of Note

I am an avid collector of quotations from the various books that I read.  I am steadily compiling an eclectic collection of quotations from a wide array of writers both famous and obscure on all sorts of topics.  Click here to go to “Quotes of Note.”

DSC00201eBackyard Notes

Here I indulge one of my particular interests.  Hiking in the woods with a camera and a notebook, working along the edge of a stream or lake with a fishing rod (& a camera), sitting in my backyard and watching birds and bugs and plants — I notice a lot of things in the natural world, and sometimes I like to write about what I see and hear.  Those writings go in this sections.  Click here to go to “Backyard Notes.”


I don’t count myself a poet.  But I do sometimes turn my hand to writing poetry.  This is the section where I put some of that.  Click here to go to “Poems.”