Topical Tracks–Another way to find a path through the many posts in this Blog

There are a lot of ways to cut a pizza.  When I lived in Columbus, Ohio, I discovered that pretty much all of the locally owned pizza shops cut their pizzas into squares.  That was the case not just for the rectangular sheet pizzas.  These central Ohio pizza shops also all cut their round pizzas into square pieces.  It was a startling discovery.  My experience from other parts of the country where I had lived was that round pizzas were always cut into  triangular pieces, the way one would cut an apple pie, for example.  For a while, I wrestled with this strange practice of converting round pizzas into little square pieces.  It seemed “wrong” somehow.  But is that really true?  Is there a right way to cut a pizza and a wrong way?  Or are there just different ways?

                          Pizza Sliced as a Pie
                  Pizza Sliced into Squares

Well, one thing that is certainly true and that is the there are a number of ways to “cut” a blog.  That is, there are a number of ways to organize, and, therefore, read a blog.  One way is the way the posts on my blog are organized according to “Categories.”  They are “Pastor Notes,” “Prayer Notes,” “Bible Notes,” “Quotes of Note,” and “Sermons (Audio).”  I’ve numbered each of the entries in each of those categories, but really the posts within each of those categories are simply organized in chronological order according to the date I posted each.

Along with the categories, all of the posts are “tagged.”  The tags are thematic or topical markers that identify some of the general topics that are touched on in a given blog post.  You can chase those tags around through my blog, but I’ll admit that I’m a little inconsistent and idiosyncratic in the way I assign the tags to my entries.  Tags are best used as a tool for scanning through a blog hoping to stumble upon an interesting post.

It has occurred to me that readers might find it helpful if I were to create guided tracks through my blog.  These track will create an intentional pathway from one post to another tracking, in an organized way, a line of thought.  My hope is that these tracks will constitute small, manageable units of study.

Blogs like mine can be quirky, random accumulations of only loosely related bursts of words and ideas.  But with a little attention trains of thoughts and ideas can be sorted out from among the growing assemblage of posts.  Tracking those lines of thought is my goal for these “Topical Tracks.”  Let me know if they help.  And for that matter, let me know if you discover a series of posts that you think might constitute a “Topical Track.”  I’ll put it together for others to follow, and I’ll give you credit as the discoverer.


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