Poem #1 My Grandma’s Old, Orange Cat

MY GRANDMA'S OLD, ORANGE CAT My grandma had an old, orange cat Older than me when I knew him. A stern companion, Not always patient with little boys, He bore his age With as much dignity as an old cat can, Though in his last summer The flies bothered him. In the end, he liked … Continue reading Poem #1 My Grandma’s Old, Orange Cat


Backyard Note #6 — Singers, Lovers, Assassins

"Voyeur!" had been my wife's reply to my text message.  And I suppose It was a fair assessment.  I had been quite brazen about it, although I couldn't get too close for fear of disturbing the couple.  Well, actually, the scene was edgier than that.  I was watching and photographing a menage a trois, a … Continue reading Backyard Note #6 — Singers, Lovers, Assassins