Prayer Note #22 — The God of All Things

My Lord, you are the brightness of light warming the darkness and gloom.  You are the great sweeping vista, when I feel stifled and suffocated and trapped.  You are the verdant, well-forested hills that embrace me and hide me, when I fell exposed and vulnerable.  You are the bubbling spring in the desert, the firm, … Continue reading Prayer Note #22 — The God of All Things

Prayer Note #20 — On a Snowy Day

What a gloriously complex and intricate world you have made for us to live in, Lord!  I am so very grateful.  The beauty of the white snow blanketing everything and even doing a kind of tight-rope walk along the utility lines and tiny branches of the trees seems to somehow blanket and soothe my busy … Continue reading Prayer Note #20 — On a Snowy Day

Prayer Note #11

A Prayer from the Winter There is a beautiful, pristine, white layer of snow covering the ground, trees, roofs, every surface.  You've sent us a lovely winter gift, though I know that it can be hardship for some. Still, it is beautiful to look at -- a sort of purity, an unsoiled and unspoiled scene.  … Continue reading Prayer Note #11