Prayer Note #22 — The God of All Things

My Lord, you are the brightness of light warming the darkness and gloom.  You are the great sweeping vista, when I feel stifled and suffocated and trapped.  You are the verdant, well-forested hills that embrace me and hide me, when I fell exposed and vulnerable.  You are the bubbling spring in the desert, the firm, solid land in the surging, stormy sea.  You are the loud bursting fireworks of joy and the low soft murmur of gentle quiet rest.  You are the bright boisterous light of a summer’s afternoon and the warm, flickering of a winter’s evening by the fireside.  You are the cooling breeze under an August shade tree and the warm, crystalline sunshine of a February thaw.  You are my all in all in all.

© 2011 Gary A. Chorpenning; all rights reserved.

Cape Cod Bay; photo by GAC
My Backyard on a Very Snowy March Day; photo by GAC

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