Prayer Note #11

A Prayer from the Winter

Personius Woods and Hoffman Creek; photo by GAC

There is a beautiful, pristine, white layer of snow covering the ground, trees, roofs, every surface.  You’ve sent us a lovely winter gift, though I know that it can be hardship for some.

Still, it is beautiful to look at — a sort of purity, an unsoiled and unspoiled scene.  Until, that is, I look out onto the busy street in from of my house.  There, Lord, I see what we make of this pristine purity by our passage through it.  We try to control it and manipulate it with our great, three-bladed snow plows.  We try to melt it out of existence with our unnatural salty spread.  Our dirty round treads roll across the plowed surfaces and turn them into gray-brown gashes across the city– slicing and re-slicing the ground into a dirty grid.

Last Summer's Teasel in the Snow; photo by GAC

I remember, Lord, in Tolkien’s books, the elves could walk along on the surface of the snow without breaking through, without disrupting or corrupting its unmarred purity.  They possess a oneness with the natural

order and move through it without debasing it.

We heavy, fallen, sin-sick human beings can’t do that.  Our relation to the rest of the created order is as opponents, antagonists.  You told us it would be this way.  (Genesis 3:17, 18)

It seems to me, Lord, that I go through my life making dirty gray-brown trails through my life.  Nevertheless, in Jesus you make them pure and clean and undefiled again.  I do long for the time when I like Jesus will walk on the surface of purity and not corrupt it, not debase it.

Till then I cling to Jesus.  Even then I will still cling to him because even then my uncorrupting walking will still be in, on, through, by Jesus.

© 2010 Gary A. Chorpenning

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