Prayer Note #20 — On a Snowy Day

What a gloriously complex and intricate world you have made for us to live in, Lord!  I am so very grateful.  The

Black-eyed susans and daisies in the snow;photo by GAC

beauty of the white snow blanketing everything and even doing a kind of tight-rope walk along the utility lines and tiny branches of the trees seems to somehow blanket and soothe my busy and overheated heart.

I do know, Lord, that all this snow can be a hardship to many of my neighbors, especially those who don’t have shelter.  Please, Lord, provide for those whose lives are burdened and troubled by this weather.

Yet, I also know that the world of nature here needs this snow.  You have so designed things so that the cold and the snow are necessary for the health and prosperity of the plants and animals in this part of the world.  So many seeds need the freezing and the thawing and the heavy moisture of melting snow in order to germinate.  The heavy blanket of snow provides shelter and cover for many small mammals.

If we humans weren’t so intent upon clearing away every rich food source for the little birds and replacing them with lawns and flower beds that we strive to keep relentlessly sterile and barren of sustenance, this snow would also be no hardship for your northern aviary.

And so, all this snow cover assures us of a moist, fecund spring.  What a wondrous, rich, and fascinatingly creative home you have made for us!

© 2011  Gary A. Chorpenning, all rights reserved.


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