Prayer Note #17 — Heavy Burdens

Cape Cod Bay near sunset; photo by GAC

What heavy burdens life seems to lay on me, Lord!  Is it because the burdens are heavy or because my shoulders are weak?  Is it because I needlessly toss burdens on my back that you haven’t given me?  Is it because I am prone to name as burdens things that you name as gifts and opportunities?   Is it because I love comfort more than service?  Is it because I prefer fruitlessness with rest over fruitfulness with labor?  Is it not all of these things with others besides?


Is it not also the natural outcome of living as a sin-damaged, finite, and wounded man in a sin-sick and troubled world?

What can I do but relinquish my burdens to you?  For those burdens that I can’t bear because of my sin-sickness, grant me forgiveness, healing, and holiness.  For those burdens that I can’t bear because  I am a finite and, therefore, limited human being, grant me empowering from your Holy Spirit.  For those burdens that are simply not mine to bear, grant me wisdom and discernment to take them off my shoulders and set them back down.

Sanctify me, empower me, give me a clear view of your vision for my life and my calling.

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