Prayer Note #18 — Holy Pleasures

Bobbles for Sale; Photo by GAC

You, O Lord, give blessings and fullness of pleasures.  Your pleasures surpass all the little, passing pleasures of sin and self-service.  Serving you is the richest form of pleasure, though my worldly eyes have trouble recognizing that.   Correct my vision today and always, so that I will be able to see, recognize, and hunger after the rich delights of living with, by, and for you.


One thought on “Prayer Note #18 — Holy Pleasures

  1. Love this prayer! I especially love the acknowledgement, commitment, and desire for living WITH, FOR, and By God. I enjoy the pictures you include with your blog entries. I try to find their significance to me in connection with the text and wonder if you had similar ideas in choosing the picture. For this one I see the material pleasures that this world trys to “sell”, and know that the holy pleasures that can only be found through God are eternal and priceless.


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