Prayer Note #16 — A Pastor’s Sunday Morning Prayer


Holy Spirit Window
A detail of a stained glass window by artist, Pat Saxe and located in the narthex of North Presbyterian Church, Elmira, NY.


Lord, I know less than usual what to expect during worship today.  Help me to trust you more than usual.  Pour your Spirit out in fullness on our worship.  Quiet the fears the people may have at your Spirit’s coming upon us, and instead open us to receive him in all power, grace, and joy.

Lord of earth and heaven, I ask you to make your real and true presence known to us all here today.  Especially, I ask you to empower our guests from Renovation House [a Christian substance abuse ministry] to present a compelling proclamation of your truth and power.  Take hold of my people and move them — pull them toward yourself.  Be present in power, as you promised to be, in the sacrament of your body and blood.  Permeate the whole being of everyone who receives this supper of our redemption.

Bless with your Spirit’s superintendence every conversation that takes place among the people gathered here today.  By your unimaginably complex and purposeful power, infuse every conversation with your Spirit to direct them and make them fruitful.  Amaze us all, when we talk with each other this morning, as we perceive you present in what we say to each other.

Post guards over this place that no unclean, evil spirit may find access to this gathering.  Sweep through even now in the holy wind of your Spirit — like a tearing, irresistible gale to all that is evil and like a cool, refreshing breeze to all who love you.

© Gary A. Chorpenning 2010

[Pat Saxe’s Website]


One thought on “Prayer Note #16 — A Pastor’s Sunday Morning Prayer

  1. Thank you for this prayer. It was so wonderful to see such a great gathering of people on Sunday. I left the day’s events feeling very blessed by the opportunities for interactions I had with others and just keenly aware of all the many blessings the Lord has given us.


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