Prayer Notes #10 — Knowing and Doing

A Prayer about Knowing and Doing

Father of my life, Shepherd of my soul, you have made me, and you know the purposes you have for me in this troubled life.  Raise me above the troubles and struggles, so that I may see the purpose you have for me.

I won’t pretend that it is all mystery to me, because your calling to holiness and faithfulness is really quite plain and clear.  I know that today and tomorrow and all my days are designed by you, intended by you for me to live in them as your holy, faithful child.

I already know far more about that calling than I ever put into practice in my life.  Help me to close the gap between what I know and what I do.

In truth, what I have just written is true of all aspects of my life and calling before you.  In every respect, I know far more of what you want of me than I ever act upon.  I have built up a great store of unrealized,

Abandoned Machinery in the New York Woods; photo by GAC

unactualized faithfulness.  A more honest person would call such a surplus of unpracticed obedience — “sin.”

Is it any different to know what I should be doing and not do it, than to do what I know I shouldn’t do?

I feel so much inertia.  I feel so comfortable, so disinclined to move, even though I could not truthfully claim that I am happy and contented with the state of my life as it is.

Goad me!  Prod me!  Entice me, draw me to your vision for my life in Jesus.

© 2010 Gary A. Chorpenning


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