Pastor Note #28 — The Marks of Everyday Life

Bringing the Marks of Everyday Life into the Presence of the Lord Finally, I had a decent black suit.  I was very pleased with that fact on this particular morning as I drove to conduct a funeral. Until a recent, successful trip to the Bargain Hut, I had been without a good black suit.  I … Continue reading Pastor Note #28 — The Marks of Everyday Life

Prayer Notes #10 — Knowing and Doing

A Prayer about Knowing and Doing Father of my life, Shepherd of my soul, you have made me, and you know the purposes you have for me in this troubled life.  Raise me above the troubles and struggles, so that I may see the purpose you have for me. I won't pretend that it is … Continue reading Prayer Notes #10 — Knowing and Doing

Prayer Notes #9–Wanting What You Want, Lord, Then Doing What I Want

Savior, thank you for your unfailing presence with me.  Thank you for reminding me that everything I do is filled with meaning in you.  You know that I struggle against and resist so much of what you lay before me to do, because I don't "feel like" doing it.  So very much of my meaning … Continue reading Prayer Notes #9–Wanting What You Want, Lord, Then Doing What I Want

Pastor Notes #6

A pastoral note to an early, middle-aged widow who had just announce her engagement to be remarried, names and certain other details have been changed to protect confidentiality: I'm sorry I didn't respond as soon as I received you letter.  I intended to, but it has been an unexpectly hectic week or so.  I really … Continue reading Pastor Notes #6

Pastor Notes 3

Sometimes when we come away from a worship service feeling unmoved, feeling as if the service was confusing, boring, or poorly led, the problem is not actually with the worship service itself or with the people leading it, but instead is a problem within us and our lack of real preparation. And sometimes when the worship service has indeed been poorly planned and led, we can meet God powerfully in it anyway simply because we have prepared ourselves well.