Backyard Notes #3

A PrayerApple Blossoms

Today, my generous Lord, you have allowed me to enjoy the use of my body out in lovely spring weather.  I mowed the backyard, pushing the mower up and down the yard, around obstacles , across the wide, flat section.  I felt the strength of my legs and arms as I used my own muscle to cut the grass — no motors, just me.

I climbed the step ladder up into and among the tangled branches of the apple trees, and with loppers and pruners I dressed the trees.  I gathered the trimmed branches.  Bending to pick them up, I felt my leg muscles tiring.  But it was a good sort of tiredness.

I felt, Lord, the strength, though limited, that you have given me.  I felt it with pleasure, a pleasure of enjoying a gift given to me by you.

© 2010 Gary A. Chorpenning


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