Prayer Note #21 — On a Muggy Day by a Lake

Creator of all beauty, I sit here beside Keuka Lake at the end of a hot day.  But now at 7:30 P.M., with the sun setting behind me and a huge volume of cool water just in front of my, I feel the cooling of the air and a kid of freshness settling over me.  … Continue reading Prayer Note #21 — On a Muggy Day by a Lake

Pastor Note #16 — “Sex With a Purpose”

  What is sex?  And what is it for?  And is your answer any of my business anyway? For all our modern western  society’s fixation on sexuality, I don’t see any evidence that we are any less confused about it than our great grandparents.  So many books are being published on how to deal with … Continue reading Pastor Note #16 — “Sex With a Purpose”

Pastor Notes #15 — A Theology of Sex

A Theology of Sex Rev. Gary A. Chorpenning We live in an age of sexual confusion.  I suspect it might be possible to make the argument that human beings have lived in sexual confusion ever since the Fall in to sin described in Genesis 3. Forty-one years ago the Presbyterian church produced “The Confession of … Continue reading Pastor Notes #15 — A Theology of Sex