Quote of Note #151: The Universal Need for Salvation and Healing

“Beloved, all of us–and I do mean all of us–desperately need healing. All of us are fragmented. All of us are broken. All of us have been diminished by what took place in the beginning in the Garden of Paradise. All of us need deliverance. All of us need to be loved. All of us need salvation. And we need it constantly, day to day, moment to moment. Salvation isn’t accomplished in a moment but over the course of a lifetime. Salvation is a Person, just as truth is. His name is Jesus, which means ‘Jehovah is salvation.'”

Mark Chironna, On the Edge of Hope: No Matter How Dark the Night, the Redeemed Soul Still Sings. Minneapolis, MN: Chosen/Baker Publishing Group, 2022, pages 136-137.


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