Quote of Note #103: Pride and Sinning with Words

photo by GAC

“The mother of all sin is pride.  Those who are being harsh and critical think they are right.  In fact, they are certain they are right.  Fools are filled with pride.  ‘I don’t really care about you and what you think,’ the fool tells himself.  ‘It’s my view or no view!’  As Proverbs 18:2 puts it, ‘A fool has no delight in understanding, but in expressing his own heart.’  These sins below the surface are not pretty.  It is easier for us to be harsh with others when we don’t consider the ugly source of our critical edge.  Because Christians, however, want to overcome such wickedness, we must go below the surface of our lips into our hearts.  We must identify the foul sources of our sinful speech and call them what they are.”

John Crotts, Graciousness:  Tempering Truth with Love.  Grand Rapids, MI: Reformation Heritage Books, 2018, page 62.


One thought on “Quote of Note #103: Pride and Sinning with Words

  1. Late, but, ‘Happy Father’s Day’.
    The once proud, metal car now reduced (literally) to look like the surrounding morass surrounding it, sunk into the dirt, and becoming the dirt.
    How sad. But sinning has its consequences…


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