Quote of Note #102: Living by Faith and Not by Sight

Highland Park, Pgh.
Highland Park, Pgh.

“This kind of living [“living by faith rather than by sight”] invites opposition.  It will come first in the form of those who insist on living within the budget, thereby restricting the ability of God to reach the community.  The easiest answer to a leap of faith is ‘No!’  The church that I now pastor has stepped up every time to a leap of faith, so much so that our separate nonprofit logo is ‘Leap of Faith.’  Beware those who see the church as a business proposition.  They will fight the Spirit of God because they fail to recognize when He begins to move outside the budget.”

Stan Moody, “I’ve Met the Enemy:” Journey of an All-American Sinner.  Brewer, ME: North Wind Publishing, 2019, page 118.


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