Prayer Note #58–Burnishing my Clay

Washington County (Pennsylvania) Courthouse; photo by GAC

Father of my hope:  in life and in death I belong to you; in righteousness and sin, in the light and in the darkness, in all times and in all places, I am yours.

I want the fullness of your Spirit.  I want to be filled to overflowing.  I want to know you, not as I know a book, but as I know my dearest friend.  And then to know you even more.  I want to live in you as I live in the air.  I want to breathe you in and have you permeate my whole being, just as the oxygen from the air enters my body and is spread to every living cell.

How am I to live except in you?  Even when I sin, even when I am false and unfaithful to you, you are still sustaining my life.  You still supply me strength to move and breathe, even when I use that strength to do wrong.

You would prefer me to be alive and moving, even though I do wrong, than that I should cease to exist and thus cease to sin.  You must have hope for my life.

So then, I too will hope.  I will hope in you.  Even out of my sinfulness, you will bring redemption, new life, new praise to you, new glory.

I will polish my dust, so that it gleams with the reflection of your glory.  I will burnish my clay, so that it radiates with the brilliance of your splendor.

©2018 Gary A. Chorpenning; all rights reserved.

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