Quotes of Note #15 — Forgiveness and Freedom

Inside Washington County (Pennsylvania) Courthouse; photo by GAC

“Regardless of all the reasons why we might not want to forgive, the bottom line is that forgiveness is the best way to bring you into freedom. . . .”

“The devil blinds us with the lie: I’m punishing my offender by not forgiving them.  It is as if we think by our refusal to forgive a person we are somehow punishing them.  That is a deception.  If we think we are getting even with them by refusing to forgive them or that we somehow are hurting them because we will not forgive them, we are embracing this diabolical scheme.  The truth is, instead of hurting others, we are actually tormenting ourselves.  We become the victims when we refuse to forgive. . . .”

“The lack of forgiveness produces bitterness, and bitterness always puts a person in bondage.”

Rodney Hogue, Forgiveness. [Self Published], 2008, pages 9-10


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