Prayer Note #45 — The Arithmetic of God


A Path in the Woods at the Community of the Cross; photo by GAC
A Path in the Woods at the Community of the Cross; photo by GAC

Where do I find hope, except in you, Good Father?  Yet, I continue to look in other places.  I continue to behave as if I expect to find something better, more pleasing than you.  Of course, I never find anything remotely approaching you.  Everything I find is cotton candy, sugar water, candy corn.  You are substantiality itself, solidity, more potent than omnipotence, steak and potatoes.

Enable me to see sense.  Brace me up with a sharp smack of reality.  Save me from my restless, ceaseless, senseless searchings after something, anything more than you.  What can be more than infinity?

Whenever I try to add something to you, I lose you and end up with only that stale, little something.  Anything plus you equals only that little nothing I try to add.  You will not allow me to treat you as if you were incomplete.  You plus nothing equals everything.  You plus a little something equals only that little something and nothing more.

Teach me to love and desire only you.  Train up my heart to long for, hunger after, yearn for you and nothing else.  Then I will have everything that matters.

©2013 Gary A. Chorpenning; all rights reserved.


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