Prayer Note #38 — The Voice

After the Storm #1; photo by GAC

Oh, Lord, how I long to be intimately familiar with your voice.

Your voice is full of power — whether you speak with rock-breaking loudness or whether you whisper quietly in my ear.  Your voice is full of soul-transforming power.  Let that powerful voice pierce to the center of my mind, to the core of my heart, to the depths of my bowels.  I want to know what that feels like, even if it tears me apart.  I don’t want to live in the empty, howling silence of your absence.

Your voice is focused and specific.  You speak not in generalities but straight to the point — the decisive point.  Your voice speaks with exact purpose, not vague abstractions.  I want to know the exactness of your words to me, even if that exactness fences me in, constrains my choices, even though it will demand my obedience and override my preferences.

Your voice is full of your unlimited power and is precisely, purposefully focused, and yet it is in the key of grace and of love.  Your voice is for me and for all in Christ.  Your voice is in harmonies of healing, up-building, Father-love.  How can the all-holy God of power and glory speak with power and purpose to a knot of vileness and sin such as I am and still do it with grace and love?   I can’t comprehend it.  It is too hard for me, too mysterious.

Is it because you voice is not a thing but rather a person?  Can this all  be because your voice is Jesus who lives into my life, who inhabits my world, who inhabits my sin and guilt on the cross, who enfolds me, baptizes my in his Holy Spirit?

How do you speak this powerful, purposeful, grace-filled voice into my life except from Jesus, my Savior, through your Holy Spirit, my Advocate and Comforter?

Grant that your Spirit of holy presence might always — always — be in me and on me, that in that way I might be inhabited thoroughly by your voice, your Holy Voice.

©2012 Gary A. Chorpenning; all rights reserved.


3 thoughts on “Prayer Note #38 — The Voice

  1. Of all of your writings that I have read, this is one that resonates deepest. I have no doubts that it comes directly from the Spirit because I believe it is exactly what He wants to do for us and He will – a longing sure to be granted. I see it as a courageous prayer knowing that His Holy Voice WILL fence us in and call for our obedience. I have to trust that He will enable us to be obedient. I see it as submitting our whole selves to Him. How wonderful it would be to have such a close relationship to hear Him speak His love directly to us with a voice of power making us into who we are meant to be. Jesus is the one who makes that connection possible.


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