Prayer Note #35 — A Prayer for Artists and Artisans

A Handcrafted Woodworking Knife; photo by GAC

Thanks you, Lord, that you have led me to discover the pleasures of making things with my hands — durable things that last, things that can be appealing to the eye, things that show the natural beauties of the wood and stone that you have made and the metals you have shown us how to make from the materials you have made. 

Thank you for the tools you’ve allowed me to acquire and the workspace you have given me to use.  Thank you for strength of body and dexterity of hands, for perceptiveness of eye and judgment of mind and courage of will.  All of these and so much besides, you have given me as the resources for engaging in the process of making useful and pleasing things for the benefit and pleasure of myself and other. 

©2012 Gary A. Chorpenning; all rights reserved.

A Handcrafted Woodworking Knife with Some of the Materials that Were Used to Make It; photo by GAC



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