Quote of Note #80: Public Speech and Truth

"An appropriate response to the competing claims of pubic voices is to take these obligations personally.  We have been 'called by name'--not every one of us to public speaking, political activism in the streets and on telephones, or investigative journalism, but all of us to seek truth and follow after it, to do justice, to … Continue reading Quote of Note #80: Public Speech and Truth

Quotes of Note #8: On Truthfulness

"Truth-telling is difficult because the varieties of untruth are so many and so well disguised.   Lies are hard to identify when they come in the form of apparently innocuous imprecision, socially acceptable slippage, hyperbole masquerading as enthusiasm, or well-placed propaganda.  These forms of falsehood are so common, and even so normal, in media-saturated, corporately … Continue reading Quotes of Note #8: On Truthfulness