Prayer Note #62: Holy Kindness/Kind Holiness

Sawtooth Mountains, Idaho; photo by GAC

Father, it is so hard for me to hold your terrifying holiness and your gentle kindness together in my conception of you. My mind wavers and falls out of balance as I try to keep those true aspects of your character in healthy tension.

Then you either become a cold, distant, barely personal abstraction, or you become a mushy, indifferent old man interested only in pleasing me. You are neither of these.

Enlarge and sanctify my imagination that I might come to know you in all your fullness, to know you truly and rightly, to know you in such a way that the knowledge remakes me more and more in the image of Jesus, who knew you in utter and complete and perfect fullness and truth. In Jesus, you show me yourself in all your holy kindness and kind holiness.

© 2022 Gary A. Chorpenning; all rights reserved; use with attribution.


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