Quote of Note #122: The Dragon’s Teeth of Moral Indignation

Photo by GAC

“It is very well known to the more unscrupulous part of the Press that nothing pays so well in the newspaper world as the manufacture of schism and the exploitation of wrath. Turn over the pages of the more popular papers if you want to see how avarice thrives on the hatred and the passion of violence. To foment grievance and to set men at variance is the trade by which agitators thrive and journalists make money. A dog-fight, a brawl, or a war is always news; if news of that kind is lacking, it pays well to contrive it. The average English [and American added by gac] mind is a fertile field in which to sow the dragon’s teeth of moral indignation; and the fight that follows will be blind, brutal, and merciless.”

Dorothy L. Sayers, Creed or Chaos? New York: Harcourt, Brace, and Company, 1949, page 66.


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