Blog Announcement

I’ve been branching out in my on-line content. I have a YouTube channel with a large collection of mostly shorter Bible study videos covering a variety of Bible passages and topics.

I have also just established a podcast that will initially be build around audio recordings of sermons. Please, follow some of the link below and consider subscribing to the various offerings.

Gary Chorpenning’s Audio Notebook (on a variety of podcasting platforms)

  • on Spotify click here
  • on Pocket Cast click here
  • on Anchor Podcast click here

Pastor Gary’s Video Notebook (on YouTube)

  • General YouTube channel click here
  • for the short-form video series on Romans 12 click here
  • for the short-form video series on Colossans 3 click here
  • for the short-form, on-going video on prayer click here
  • for a short-form video series on the Lord’s Prayer (a subset of the on-going series on prayer) click here

Please consider subscribing to my YouTube channel and to my podcast on whatever podcast platform you prefer.

If you find the content of this blog or of my video or audio offerings to be helpful, please help me by sharing my blog, my YouTube channel, and my podcast with your friends.

Thank you so much for your support!


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