Quote of Note #105: Satan’s Well-Tailored Temptations

Turkey Vulture; photo by GAC

“Satan loves to sail with the wind and to suit men’s temptations to their conditions and inclination.  If they be in prosperity, he will tempt them to deny God (Prov. 30:9); it they be in adversity, he will tempt them to distrust God; if their knowledge be weak, he will tempt them to have low thoughts of God; if their conscience be tender, he will tempt them to scrupulosity; if large, to carnal security; if bold-spirited, he will tempt to presumption; if timorous, to desperation; if flexible, to inconstancy; if stiff, to impenitency.”

Thomas Brooks, Precious Remedies against Satan’s Devices.  Edinburgh: Banner of Truth Trust, 1984, page 16.


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