Quote of Note #90: Grace for Neighbors. . . and Enemies

Flagstaff, AZ; photo by GAC

“To be people of amazing grace is to see ourselves as recipients of kindness and understanding not owed to us, and if we really believe it’s been lavished upon us undeservedly, maybe we can lavish a little upon the people we find ourselves least inclined to view generously.  If we’re showering only the people we already love with love, do we really think grace is all that amazing?  Are we any different from anyone else in our behavior?  Do we really believe in amazing grace at all?  Or have we placed a limit on it, somehow expecting it to abide by our national and cultural boundaries?”

David Dark, The Possibility of America: How the Gospel Can Mend our God-Blessed, God-Forsaken Land.  Louisville, KY: Westminster John Knox Press, 2019, page 102.


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