Quote of Note #79: Living in Light of Dying

photo by GAC

“John Wesley was once asked, ‘If you knew that you would die at twelve o’clock tomorrow night, how would you spend the intervening time?’ ‘Why,’ was the answer, ‘just as I intend to spend it.  I would preach tonight in Gloucester and again tomorrow morning.  After that I would ride to Tewksbury, preach in the afternoon and meet the society in the evening.  I should then repair to friend Martin’s house, as he expects me; converse, pray with the family, retire to my room at ten o’clock, commend myself to my Heavenly Father, lie down to sleep, and wake up in glory.'”

Lorraine Boettner, Immortality. Grand Rapids, MI: Wm. B. Eermans Publishing Company, 1956, page 36.


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