Pastor Note #85 — The Demonic Heresy of Christian White Nationalism

Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, NY
photo by GAC

There is heresy finding foothold in America and in some other parts of the world.  It is not new.  The devil is not remarkably inventive.  He recycles old poison wherever he thinks it will work.  In America this heresy is arising under labels such as “Christian white nationalism” and “Christian Identity.”

As a pastor and very minor leader and representative of the Christian faith, I am challenged by wise Christian leaders such as Beth Moore, Ed Stetzer, and Russel Moore to speak into my own small sphere of influence to denounce this degrading heresy and the deadly violence that it provokes.

Christianity is not and cannot be defined in terms of race or ethnicity.  Those who attempt to do that do leave Christ behind and embrace a demonic ideology.  White supremacy is demonic.  White supremacy is antichrist.

There is one and only one Christian nation – the Church of Jesus Christ made up of people from “every tribe and language and people and nation” (Revelation 5:9).  The Church of Jesus Christ is not white; it is not European/American; it is not “Western.”  The color of our skin, the language that we speak, the location of our birth, the origins of our ancestors are all irrelevant to our identity as disciples of Jesus Christ.  Those who would distinguish among peoples in any of these ways divide the body of Christ and set themselves up as enemies of the Lord Jesus.

I add my voice to challenge other Christian leaders to speak this truth.  In particular, I challenge those who remain silent because of partisan, political loyalties.  Christians who refrain from speaking because they believe it will undermine their party’s political fortunes have abandoned the Lordship of Jesus and have given themselves to a false lord.

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