Quote of Note #52 — Prayer, Praise, and the Christian Life

The Grand Canyon from the Southern Rim; photo by GAC

“To praise God for mercies received both with our voices and with our actions, and then to pray to God for the mercies that we need, devoutly acknowledging that they come from him, these two exercises in one form or another should make up the sum total of human life.  A life psalm should be composed of alternating verses of praying and of praising until we get into the next world, where the prayer may cease, and praise may swallow up the whole of our immortality.”

Charles H. Spurgeon,  The Parables of the Lord (A Treasury of Spurgeon on the Life and Work of Our Lord, vol. III). Grand Rapids, MI; Baker Book House, 1979, page 435.


One thought on “Quote of Note #52 — Prayer, Praise, and the Christian Life

  1. Pastor Gary,
    Thank you for the blessings of your blog. With all the trash people post it is refreshing to read your blog and be inspired.
    Praise God from whom all blessings flow.
    Cheryl (Phillips) Moore


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