Quote of Note #47: Being Part of What God Is Doing

Day Lily; photo by GAC

“‘The first thing to do in responding to God’s presence and Word,’ [Basil Pennington] repeatedly told me, ‘is to notice what God is doing and to keep out of God’s way.  The second is to align ourselves with and participate in God’s transformational actions in the world.’  God is active and present in the world.  Our job is not to bring God to the world.  that has already happened.  That is the good news of creation and incarnation.  Our job is to follow the Spirit into the world and be part of what God is doing there to establish God’s kingdom of justice and love.”

David G. Benner, Opening to God: Lectio Divina and Life as Prayer.  Downers Grove, IL; InterVarsity Press, 2010, page 157.


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