Quote of Note #46: Christ is Lord, Not Party or Nation

Into the Dusk
Into the Dusk; photo by GAC

“The question to ask about such things — the identification of the Bible with England in the nineteenth century or American foreign policy in the twenty-first — is ‘What does this do to the reach of the gospel and the church?’  The answer is simple:  It creates a dividing line in the church, which is unbiblical.  There is no Jew or Gentile in Christ’s church; nor should there be any English or American; patriotism is a fine civic virtue and Christians should be good citizens, but it should be checked at the church door as we enter the threshold of Christ’s kingdom, not that of Thatcher or Clinton or Bush.  If I have to sign up to believe in the manifest destiny of the English-speaking people, or of a particular political projects, in order to be a member of Christ’s church, or even simply to feel that I belong, then it is arguable that, whoever’s church it is it is no longer the property of Christ but of some more earthly power.”

Carl R. Trueman, Republicrats: Confessions of a Liberal Conservative.  Phillipsburg, NJ; P & R Publishing, 2010, page 36.


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