Quote of Note #38: Power to Set Us Free

The Wheeling Suspension Bridge over the Ohio River in Wheeling, West Virginia, completed in 1849; photo by GAC

“God has provided a way of escape by the Holy Spirit’s power.  When we give up the hopeless struggle of trying to overcome ‘the law of sin and death’ [Romans 7] with our own strength and in utter helplessness surrender to the Holy Spirit to do everything for us — when we walk in his blessed power rather than in the power of the flesh — then He sets us ‘free from the law of sin and death.’

“Many professing Christians today live as is described in Romans 7.  Some go so far as to maintain that the normal Christian life is a life of constant defeat.  This would be true if we were left to ourselves, for in ourselves, we are ‘carnal, sold under sin’ [Romans 7:14].  But we are not left to ourselves.  The Holy Spirit undertakes for us what we fail to do ourselves (Romans 8:2-4).”

R. A. Torrey, Power-Filled Living: How to Receive God’s Best for Your Life.  New Kensington, PA: Whitaker House, 1998, page 40.


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