Quote of Note #36: Being Forgiven and Being Forgiving

The Snows of Spring; photo by GAC

“If you are one who just cannot seem to forgive, let me ask you a few questions which might give you another perspective.  Have you received the forgiveness that God offers through a relationship with Jesus?  Have you personally experienced God’s forgiveness of your sins?  If you haven’t, then there is some credibility to the statement, ‘I can’t forgive.’  If you have, then you have canceled your right to hang onto offenses. . . . When you receive God’s forgiveness, then forgiving others is your only option.  Here’s the good news:  God supplies the power to forgive.  You aren’t on your own to do this one!  Receiving God’s forgiveness empowers us as we live in His grace.  Living in His grace means that He gives you the grace to give to others the very things you have received from Him.  It is the unmerited, inexhaustible power supply that flows from God to us, and through us, to do his will.  It isn’t an issue of ‘I can’t . . . ,’ but it is an issue of your willingness to receive the grace from God to forgive as you have been forgiven.  Forgiveness is not a natural response to being hurt, but it is a supernatural one that is empowered by our living God.  Even though we may feel that we cannot forgive, God supplies us with enough power to forgive.”

Rodney Hogue, Forgiveness. Self-published, 2008, pages 11-12.


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