Quotes of Note #25: Political Homelessness

Statue of George Washington on top of the dome of the Washington County (PA) Courthouse; photo by GAC

“As the Left adopted such concerns as gay rights and abortion as touchstone issues, those of us with strong religious convictions on these matters found ourselves essentially alienated from the parties to which our allegiance would naturally be given.  The parties of the Right, while representing to an extent, and at least on paper, positions on these matters with which we are comfortable, yet also represent policies in other areas where we find ourselves in fundamental disagreement.  If you do not think an untrammeled free market is the answer to  society’s ills, and if you believe there is such a thing as society and government that, as the democratically elected instrument of that society, has a role to play in health care and helping the poor, where do you turn in a world where the big issues on the Left are gay marriage and a woman’s right to choose?  Thus I find myself politically homeless, restless, and disenchanted, and I suspect I am not alone.”

Carl R. Trueman, Republicrat: Confessions of a Liberal Conservative.
Phillipsburg, NJ: P & R Publishing, 2010, page 18.


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