Quotes of Note #9 On Money & Wealth

Photo by GAC

“There are some things we can do without, and one of these is wealth.  However, there are some things we cannot do without, such as a clean conscience and a useful life, and, if we must choose between money and these, we forego the money. . . . [M]oney is not an end in itself but only a means to an end.  It will tyrannize over us if it is allowed, but we must tyrannize over it, and prove ourselves its masters, when we compel it to serve the ends we have freely chosen as our own and which our judgment and conscience approve.”  from James Stalker’s The Seven Deadly Sins and the Seven Cardinal Virtues (Colorado Springs, CO; The American Tract Society/Nav Press, 1998 (1901/1902), p. 31.


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