Prayer Note #55 — Prayers for Memorial Day

Sullivan's Monument near Elmira, NY; photo by GAC
Sullivan’s Monument near Elmira, NY; photo by GAC

Invocation for a Memorial Day Ceremony

God of heaven and earth, in life and in death we belong to you.  Our lives and the life of our nation are in your hands.  You are the foundation of all that is right and good and just.

Today especially we gather to remember with gratitude those who have risen up to serve our nation in our armed forces and particularly those who have sacrificed their lives in that service.  We are grateful to you for raising up these men and women who have set aside fear in order to protect and advance the goodness and justice that is at the heart of American greatness.

Help us today to affirm and celebrate that goodness and justice and the men and women who model it for us in their service to our country.  Lift us above selfish concerns and fears.  And direct us to paths of service in our own lives in the days ahead; through Jesus Christ the Lord.  Amen.



Benediction for a Memorial Day Ceremony

Father of Light, shine now upon us as we go from here.  Do not allow us to be driven by fear.  Raise us above all obsession with safety and security.  Lead us instead to strive for true greatness – not a greatness that is based merely on being powerful.  But rather a greatness that is rooted in goodness and justice, in what is honorable – a greatness that builds and lifts up – a greatness that comes from your heart and your greatness.  I pray this in the name of Jesus.  Amen.

©2016 Gary A. Chorpenning; all rights reserved.


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