Prayer Note #52 — To the God of Light

A Texas Sunrise
A Texas Sunrise; photo by GAC

Lord, you are all glorious,
and the light of your presence pierces the deepest darkness
of sin, sorrow, evil, despair.
There is no darkness so thick, so impenetrable, so oily
that the Light, Life, Love
of your Being cannot invade and evaporate it.
That is the truth of who you are.

And so I ask you to penetrate
to the darkest, deepest core of my being and
to change the deep nature of my heart.
Will you, Father of Light, bring the brightness of your Being
into every dark corner of my character?
Drive out the deep, heavy, hard, oily darkness of my heart.

Then the Brightness of your Light will
pierce, purge, and pristinate my life
in this dark, fallen world,
a burnished mirror blazing with your Brilliance.

©2015 Gary A. Chorpenning; all rights reserved.


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