Prayer Note #48 — A Preachers Prayer to Be Used Rightly by the Word of God

[Yes, that’s what I meant to say: “to be used rightly by the word of God.”]

Your word, Lord, is alive and powerful in the ears of faith. Grant me believing ears, so that I will hear your word clearly and welcome your word warmly into my mind, my heart, and my life.

Wineglass and Hammers; photo by GAC
Wineglass and Hammers; photo by GAC

My calling is to preach your word, Lord. But I admit that I cannot preach it with any power and clarity unless I first receive it with faith and submission. The submission is often hard for me.

Sometimes, I don’t receive your word submissively but rather attempt to take it by force in order to use it for my own purposes – to impress your people with my own skill and oratory and creativity or to bend them to my own wishes rather than your good purposes. I confess it, Lord and King of my life. I sometimes turn your word into a tool to serve me and my goals. I name that rebellion and idolatry of self. Forgive me Lord, and empower me to recognize when I do that. Or maybe not so much “empower” me as “sensitize” me – make me sensitive to this sin, especially to recognize it, to turn from it, and to seek instead your better way.

Transform my approach to your word, so that I might be soft, pliable, receptive, submissive before your word. Turn me, so that I cease from imposing my will on your word. Enable me instead to surrender to your word that, by your Holy Spirit, your word might impose your will on me.

Make me, then, a serviceable instrument for conveying your word into the lives of your people. Give them what I’ve just asked you to give me – submissive, receptive, welcoming hearts of faith.

©2013 Gary A. Chorpenning; all rights reserved.



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