Prayer Note #46 — A Channel of Blessing: a Pastor’s Prayer

Part of a statuary pillar at the entrance to Highland Park in Pittsburgh, PA
Part of a statuary pillar at the entrance to Highland Park in Pittsburgh, PA

[Although I have called this a “Pastor’s Prayer,” with a slight adjustment of the language, this prayer might well work as a prayer for any Christian who wants to be a channel of blessing to the people in their lives.  And what Christian wouldn’t want to be a channel of God’s blessing in the lives of the people around them?]

I turn to you, Lord of my life.  I turn to you.  There is no help anywhere else.  There is no hope in any other place.  There is no blessing from any other source.  All true blessing, hope, and help come from you and you alone.

I want to be a channel of blessing from you into the lives of this people under my care [these people in my life].  Will you, please, Father, grant me that gift?  Will you, please, Father, guard me as a channel of that blessing, so that no boulders of sin, laziness, or timidity might fall into that channel and block its flow?

I know how lightly I have allowed sins of lust, sins of self-serving, sins of dishonesty to ruin me as a channel of spiritual blessing.  Will you empower me against these and all sins?  By the blood of Jesus and the sanctifying power of the Holy Spirit, preserve me holy in your sight and in the reality of my living.

I know how much I love ease of life and freedom from the disciplined exertions of partnership with your Holy Spirit.  I know how much I love to gratify my every whim and impulse and how much I hate to deny myself and my desires.  Will you transform in me the love of ease and passivity into a love for seeing your will accomplished through me?  By a vision of the cross of Christ, inflame me with a passion to see the work of Christ’s redeeming love made real through my motions and actions.

I know what cowardice lurks in the deep places of my being.  I am too afraid to make the attempt lest I should fail.  I am too afraid of being vulnerable to make myself available to people.  Will you melt my timidity with the flames of your love?  By the fire of your Holy Spirit, impassion me with such love for the people you place in my path that urgent discipleship in me might trample my cowardice under its feet as it charges forward in the footsteps of Jesus, my loving Master.

Grant me to become more than ever before a powerful pipeline gushing with life-giving blessing and fullness of new life from Jesus, the Christ, the Redeemer, the Savior, the Master, my Friend.

©2013 Gary A. Chorpenning; all rights reserved.


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