Prayer Note #39 — On Not Being All That I Could Be

Let me have ears to hear you clearly and
a heart and mind to understand you deeply and

Seeds for the Future; photo by GAC

a strong inclination to go as you lead me and
to use what you have given me, and so
to glorify your name.

You have given me
many gifts,
many resources,
many tools.  But
mostly I squander them,
leave them sitting–
dusty and rusting–
on the shelf.

My character fails you.
My love for comfort and convenience,
my hunger for stimulation,
my indulgence of my whims and impulses–
all this has turned me traitor
to myself and
overthrows my best intentions to
use all that you’ve given me to 
bear fruit for your kingdom.

Save me from myself,
my brokenness.
Be strong in all my weakness.
Open opportunities and
raise me up to meet them to
glorify you and
to heal the brokenness of
our sin-sick world.

©2012 Gary A. Chorpenning; all rights reserved.


2 thoughts on “Prayer Note #39 — On Not Being All That I Could Be

  1. I have faith that when we ask for this He will do it. I believe that we will be healed over time as we continue to seek Him. My willpower is so weak. I guess, as you say, no matter how good my intentions or desires to serve are, only He can make me strong enough.


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