Prayer Note #34 — Refreshment from the Suffocation of Sin

A Connecticut Marsh in the Mist; photo by GAC

Though I am mired in sin, yet still have mercy on me, O Father and Lord of my life.  Capture my every thought and all the impulses of my being.  Make me yours in every facet of my life, so that I might have peace and full redemption in every branch and twig and leaf of my being.

I want to hear every whisper of your Spirit.  I want to sense every nuance of his gestures, every shading of his expressions.  I want to be thoroughly pliant in his creative hands.  Only then can I know life in all its fullness and richness and rightness.

Sin’s bitterness descends like fog, like gloomy mist that deadens my hearing, that clouds my vision, that leaves me unable to track the voice, the gestures, the motions of your Spirit.  Like a burning, acrid smog, sin corrupts my sense of your Spirit’s nearness, your Spirit’s embrace.

Nevertheless, your blood, Lord Jesus, has neutralized sin’s poisonous power.  Your Holy Pneuma blows fresh, and I breathe in the full, fresh flow of your Spirit of life refreshing, cleansing, healing the nostrils, the trachea, the lungs of my spirit.  You are in me, permeating every artery, every capillary of my being.

©2012 Gary A. Chorpenning; all rights reserved.


5 thoughts on “Prayer Note #34 — Refreshment from the Suffocation of Sin

  1. How awesome it would be to sense His Spirit so clearly! I know that in order to come close to Him we have to turn from the sin that separates us. Can you help me find a verse that tells of how sin hinders our spiritual senses? So far I have found James 1:21 maybe?


      1. “Pneuma” is the New Testament Greek word for “Spirit,” as well as “wind” and “breath.” “Ruach” is the Old Testament Hebrew word for “Spirit,” as well as “wind” and “breath.”


    1. Well, here are a few that come to mind right away. Romans 1:21-23–the “darkening” and “becoming futile” of minds seems to me to speak of this dampening of our sense of God. Also, Ephesians 4:17-18. Also, John 3:19-21–these verses speak of fleeing from God into the darkness.


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