Bible Note #11 — Exodus 3: The Call of Moses

God routinely goes out of his way to incorporate human partnership in the accomplishing of his purposes in the world.  The fact is so plain that it is regularly overlooked by most of us as we read Bible stories about God’s dealing with human beings.

Here in Exodus 3 in the story of God’s calling of Moses to service is a prime example.  By calling Moses to do this work, God is choosing here a path that is obviously inefficient and fraught with risks.  Really, Moses is entirely correct; he is ill-suited to the task God wants him to do.

And in any case, he could never be so effective in himself as to actually add anything to the power of God to do the work.  So, the question crying out for an answer is: Why does God bother to involve anyone as a partner with him in accomplishing this work or any work?  What do we have to contribute to the work — any work — that God wants to have done?  Nothing in ourselves.  We can add nothing to what God can already do on his own.

Well, this is a big and interesting topic to explore and bigger than I want to explore here.  But I will mention the short and simple answer as I see it.  God isn’t merely interested in getting a job done.  If that’s all he wanted to do, he would just do it.  Rather, he want to raise up people and transform them into reflections of his image.  He accomplishes that my calling us to be his partners in the work of the kingdom.

© 2012 Gary A. Chorpenning; all rights reserved.

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